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About Chris:    

    When I was a young child, my favorite thing to do was to draw pictures!

    This passion for drawing and art continued on in my life as I grew up. I studied art, illustration, and graphic design in school, and after graduating college in 2001, I began freelancing.

    This has been a great opportunity to make art for many different uses, and for different clients. Projects completed include graphic design services such as logos, flyers, business cards, letterheads, web graphics, as well as illustrations for children's books, cartoons, card games, action figure designs, character concept art, and more. Also, I have studied and have some professional experience in 3-D modeling for various 2-D uses such as drafting and digital art applications.

    I hope to continue specializing in character art and illustration for books, cartoons, and especially comics. Graphic narrative and sequential art have also been a lifelong passion of mine, and I hope to continue to develop work in this field.

    My clients will tell you that whatever the project may be, as your artist, I believe in collaborating with you to achieve those excellent results.

    Thanks for visiting!


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